4 Reasons to Buy Inclusive Christmas Cards in 2022!!

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about sending Christmas cards to your loved ones. Cards are a special way of showing people you care and selecting an inclusive design is a great way to add a personal touch that will make your gesture even more meaningful.

Here are four reasons why you should buy black Christmas cards this year.

Why are inclusive Christmas cards important?

What’s shown on the front of your Christmas cards matters! The festive period is a special time for celebration so what better occasion to send or receive bespoke Christmas cards for black families that are reflective and representative?

1. Choosing black greeting cards supports black owned businesses

By choosing to support Black-Owned Businesses instead of larger chains, you’re championing black pride, unity, and entrepreneurship among people of colour. It’s these community ties that pave the way for success.

2. You’re encouraging a diverse supply chain

Something as simple as purchasing black Christmas cards from a small black-owned business can help to diversify the market by demonstrating that such items are in high demand! Your contributions further justify the need for afrocentric products, create more job opportunities, and encourage more black-owned businesses to thrive.

3. Inclusive christmas cards tackle social inequalities

The struggle for social justice continues, but every meaningful action counts. Shopping at black-owned businesses promotes equal opportunity and emphasises the value of diversity and inclusion in all aspects, including greetings cards. Your purchase will help to address these issues and highlight areas of injustice that are still overlooked.

4. Sending black Christmas cards is a meaningful gesture

When selecting a card for someone's birthday or another special occasion, you'll try to pick a design that reflects the recipient, either in imagery or messaging — something that is largely unrepresented for people of colour. Sending inclusive Christmas cards ensures that everyone feels included during this magical time of year. This type of gesture will not go unnoticed! Cheers!!

Please support All Shades this Christmas and send your loved ones inclusive Christmas cards from our beautiful selection. We have designs for black couples, friends, black families and more!

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