Why Supporting The Small & Black Owned Business in Your Local Economy Matters

Embracing Community Power

Ever wondered what happens when you support your local economy and buy from a small business? Well, in this blog post, we're diving into the world of small UK businesses, their charm, and the power of supporting them. And we've got an extra section on the added importance of supporting Black-owned businesses too. So, whether you're a seasoned supporter of all things local and small or you're just starting to explore the community scene, stick around because we're about to uncover why this matters more than you realise.

The Heartbeat of the Community

Imagine this: as you're strolling down your local high street, you are greeted by the warm smiles of your local coffee shop owner who knows you by your first name and remembers just how you like your latte or your green smoothie alongside your heated almond croissant. That's the nuance and beauty of local businesses! They're not just places to shop; they're lively hubs that pulse with the vibe and spirit of your community. When you choose local, you're not just picking up unique items – you're investing in the soul of your town, the dreams of the owner and fuelling its growth, and creating a sense of belonging and community impact that even the biggest online stores can't match.

Small Business Growth and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Check out these stats - small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy, providing a staggering 60% of all private-sector jobs. Yes, you read that right! They are a powerhouse of continuous creativity, grind and subsequent cash flow! Small business growth is also on the rise! So when you are generous your cash at a your nearest pop up market and buy some handmade candles or soaps, or indulge in a new handmade body butter, you're directly supporting and positively impacting your community's livelihood by pouring into it's economy and ability to move beyond survive to thrive mode. That purchase will likely be directly helping someone to not only pay their rent or bills but to fulfil their dreams.

Environmental Love

Enjoy more guilt-free shopping! Local businesses are overwhelmingly more environmentally aware, sustainable and planet conscious than their giant global counterparts. This is mostly due to more local sourcing and goods traveling fewer miles, which are less likely to be packaged on the other side of the world and typically requiring less packaging and waste as a result. So, while you're chilling in your handmade hair bonnet, sipping your organic kombucha and eating your artisan bread, you're also in tune Mother Earth.

The Power of Personality

Have you ever engaged and had a chat with a stall owner at your local market About their their entrepreneurial small business journey or their background? That interaction is the wonder of local businesses – they come with relational value, spirit and personality! I know from my own perspective that speaking having a chat with customers or passing browsers is really what boosts me and makes my day so enjoyable. Local market presence is growing and booming in the UK right now. Each place has a story, and when you show up, support them and shop, you're not just buying things; you're weaving stories and contributing to the rich tapestry and story of your home town? What's not to love?

Empower and Supporting Black Businesses

Supporting black businesses has an even greater impact and serves an even greater purpose than a typical small business because of the additional challenges that we know that are faced by emerging small black businesses. It isn't just about equity and fairness; it's about rewriting stories, generational wealth creation, healing communities, securing futures and amplifying dreams. Our businesses bring fresh perspectives and products that add much needed colour and diversity to our streets and towns. When you choose them, again - you're not just buying a meaningless item; its symbolic and you are contributing to the growing movement and voices celebrating and recognising the importance and enormous benefit (person and economic) of diversity and inclusion.

In Conclusion Your `support Your Local Businesses and Local Economy...

Whether you're on the hunt for Afrocentric ethnic, black greeting cards like those we sell at All Shades or you're in the mood for a cupcake made with heart just down the street, remember that your choices hold tremendous power. Backing small UK local businesses isn't just about acquiring cool, original and unique items; it's about forging connections, nurturing dreams, and painting your community with the brightest shades imaginable. And as for our Black businesses, they're the gems in this treasure chest of our locality. So, let's keep the support flowing, because when we do, the true magic of our communities shines bright.

Ready to support some small local and black owned businesses? You can find out the fabulous flavours you can try from K's Cocktails and the marvel over the mouthwatering Cornflake Crunch from Gratifcaktion on Instagram! Ready to venture out and explore?! Find out where your nearest Pop up is such as I Do Handmade or Black Eats Ldn or head down to your local market!

Don't forget to check out the All Shades range of ethnic, black, afrocentric greeting and birthday cards too! We are constantly adding new cards.

Enjoying our blogs? Let us know in the comments section below! Or contact us!

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