Saluting Our Sisters: Inspirational Black British Women in History


Welcome to Black History Month 2023, which is all about celebrating our remarkable Black British sisters who have left indelible marks on the UK. Join us for an engaging journey through time as we salute the incredible women who have shaped our nation’s cultural landscape.

Cultural Icons

Naomie Harris OBE: From Hollywood Stardom to Advocacy

Beyond her mesmerising performances in films like “Moonlight” and “Skyfall,” Naomie Harris is a Black British actress who has achieved remarkable success in Hollywood and is a passionate advocate for numerous charitable causes. She is a patron for Total Insight Theatre that engages children and young people, especially from marginalised communities.

Estelle: A Modern Musical Pioneer

Estelle, a contemporary music sensation, has made waves over the years in the music industry with her soulful voice and empowering lyrics both in the UK and the US. Estelle is also known for her advocacy on social issues, using her platform to raise awareness about important topics such as women’s empowerment and racial equality. Her dynamic presence in both the music scene and activism makes her a role model for aspiring artists and a force for positive change in society.

Literary Luminaries

Mary Prince: A Voice for the Oppressed

Did you know that Mary Prince, born into slavery, became a trailblazing author in 1831? Her powerful autobiography, “The History of Mary Prince,” played a pivotal role in the abolitionist movement.

Andrea Levy: Chronicler of the Windrush Generation

Andrea Levy, a celebrated Black British author, captured the essence of the Windrush generation in novels like “Small Island.” Her storytelling prowess brought to life the challenges and triumphs of Caribbean immigrants in the UK.

Political Pioneers

Diane Abbott: Breaking Barriers in Parliament

Diane Abbott made history in 1987 as the first Black woman elected to the House of Commons. Throughout her career, she has championed social justice issues, education, and healthcare, paving the way for diverse voices in politics.

Baroness Patricia Scotland: A Champion for Equality

Baroness Patricia Scotland’s pioneering work in law and politics culminated in her appointment as the first female Commonwealth Secretary-General. Her dedication to global equality is truly remarkable.

Marsha de Cordova: Championing Inclusivity

Marsha de Cordova, a Member of Parliament and a woman with a visual impairment, has broken down barriers in British politics, demonstrating that disability should never be a hindrance to achieving one’s goals. Her commitment to accessibility and equality serves as an inspiration to all, emphasising the importance of diverse voices in shaping a more inclusive United Kingdom.

Sporting Heroes

Jessica Ennis-Hill: Champion of Champions

Jessica Ennis-Hill’s heptathlon gold at the 2012 London Olympics and her dedication to both athletics and charitable work make her a true role model.

Dame Denise Lewis: A Golden Legacy

Dame Denise Lewis, another Olympic champion, claimed heptathlon gold in 2000, inspiring generations of athletes and leaving an enduring legacy.

Medical Visionaries

Dame Elizabeth Anionwu: Nursing with Heart

Dame Elizabeth Anionwu’s is a nurse and a professor. Her work in addressing healthcare inequalities and promoting diversity in nursing has had a profound impact on the field and has broken down racial barriers in healthcare. Her work in addressing healthcare inequalities and promoting diversity in nursing has had a profound impact on the field.

Professor Laura Serrant: A Scholarly Force

Professor Laura Serrant is a leading scholar in nursing and healthcare. Her research and advocacy for racial equality in healthcare have shaped the industry. One notable project she led was the development of comprehensive cultural competence training programs for healthcare professionals in the UK. These programs have equipped healthcare providers with the necessary skills to deliver culturally sensitive care, reducing healthcare disparities among minority communities and fostering a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.


In conclusion, these 11 extraordinary Black British women have carved out their places in history, inspiring us all. As we salute our sisters during Black History Month 2023, let their stories remind us that diversity enriches a nation, and their accomplishments continue to light our way forward. Join us on our next blog to celebrate more sisters to celebrate!

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